Champagne Olivier Horiot

Champagne Sève Blanc de Noirs Brut Nature 2014


A pure Pinot Noir from the clay and kimmeridge soil of Les Riceys, fermented and matured in wooden vats for a year. Followed by an extended 52 months on its lees and 0 dosage

Elegance and Finesse, could be sufficient and adequate to describe this Champagne.
A pleasant acidity comes appetizing your palate for a mineral, elegant and silky feeling.
If you like Blanc de Noirs, this a strong one you cannot go wrong with.



Types: , Sizes: Grapes: Terroirs: , ABV: 12%

How do you feel about the term ‘natural wine’?
”I do in fact work without chemicals in the vines, use native yeast and very little sulfur, and I do so biodynamically since 2002. So I guess that lumps me in, but for me this is just making wine.”

Olivier Horiot