Les Tètes

Sans se prendre la Tête!*


*avoiding getting worked up

The box includes all the colours and style:
White, Red, Orange, Rosé, Pet Nat’, Traditional Method…you name it, we’ve got it, it is in the pack!

They kept the names simple so as not to confuse your head: Tète Red, Tète Blanche, Tète Rose, Tète Orange, and Tète Nat’! One name defies the rule: the best-known sparkling ‘Tète Au Bois Dormant’. It is named after the vineyards in the vicinity of the famous Château Rigny Ussé, from Charles Perrault’s classic fairy tale ‘’The ‘Sleeping Beauty in the Woods’.
While this may sound straight forward, don’t be fooled. There is much complexity and fine tuning in the winemaking process starting with the work on soil, keeping a keen eye on the grapes and their growth, followed by natural vinifications.
The result will blow your mind and give you a huge amount of pleasure!

What’s in?

Tète su Bois Dormant NV
Tète Nat’ 2018
Tète Red NV
Tète Blanche NV
Tète Rose NV
Tète Orange NV

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“Les Tètes is a story of friends. We drink them without fuss.
We harvest the best grapes for you. The vinification takes place naturally, without adding yeasts.
For more pleasure in tasting, our wines are very low in sulphites: less sulphites, less headache! ”

Vivien, Philippe, Baptiste et Nicolas