Domaine des Hauts-Baigneux

HB – Pack of 5


When Vins Purs started working with Philippe and Nicolas, they had very little wines due to the devastating frost in the mid-springs. Therfore I mainly brought the wines from their negoce side: Les Tetes. Which are certainly some of the best value ‘natural wines’ you can find in the market.
Very excited to introduce you with a larger range from their own estate: Domaine des Hauts-Baigneux, located in Azay-le-Rideau. A tiny village with its own ‘unknow’ appellation, only a few kilometers away from Chinon.
When Philippe and Nicolas took over the domaine in 2008, it was to make wine of course, but also to try to bring back some consideration to the amazing terroir of Azay-le-Rideau.
Not only this limestone and clay soil, heavy in silex is the brithplace but also a perfect bed for the underestimated and rare grape varietal: Grolleau. Another grape which develops a lot of elegance in here, is our versatile Chenin Blanc.

The pack includes:

A sparkling Pétillant Naturel: Spontané Blanc 2021

A couple of White wines:
‘Les Chênes’ Sauvignon Blanc 2021
‘Les Chênes’ Chenin Blanc 2020

And 2 Reds:
Sanguine 2020
Grolleau 2021

‘The minerality and freshness expressed in our wines reflect the typicality of the flinty clay soils of our beautiful Indre valley.’

Philippe & Nicolas