Christian Binner

Si Rose 2018/2019/2020


‘Si Rose’ come from the observation that the Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris, given the global warming that Alsace is undergoing, find their limit in classic white wine making.
Christian got inspired by the experience of Mediterranean countries, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Georgia, which historically have known how to vinify fleshy and powerful grape varieties in hot regions, to make fresh, tasty and appetizing wines.
Their secret: macerated the whites, which makes an orange wine.
The Gewurztraminer on skins brings a magnificent aroma of rose, nicely matching its color. Not only this is an unexpected maceration but it is also the blend of 3 different vintages.
The result is an astonishing freshness on the palate, a feminine wine, created by a women: Julie, wine merchant at the Domaine, with this crazy project to macerate this grape varietal; Séverine, natural wine globe trotteuse, with her originals names ideas after the cuvées; and Eminé, the graphic designer, who knew how to reveal this wine with this original dressing.
Thank you ladies!

Types: , Sizes: Grapes: , ABV: 14%

”Producing an agricultural product in a natural way requires great care from the farmer: by working “without a net”, we obtain a product that nourishes the mind and body, arouses emotion and remains healthy”

Christian Binner