We just opened a wine bar / shop : Dany's !
Located at Náplavní 5/2011, 120 00 Nové Město
Wednesday to Friday 14-22 & Saturday 12-22
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We believe in wines made naturally and with love by small producers in France who respect their land and practice sustainable farming. From farming to picking and everything that happens in the cellar, each stage of the winemaking process is carried out with care and attention. This is what makes our wines so vibrant and delicious!

We’re lucky to know them personally and to have witnessed firsthand the passion and expertise that goes into each bottle. And we can’t wait to share that enthusiasm and knowledge with you!


Bringing french wines to Czechia

We’re on a mission to bring a taste of France to the Czech Republic and share our passion for natural wines made by talented and under-the-radar French winemakers. As a wine lover, you’ll appreciate the unique flavors and nuances that each bottle holds, and we’re excited to help you discover some of the best wines we’ve found.

So, how do we make this happen? A few times a year, we make the trip to France to personally collect our wines and catch up with our winemakers. Then, Dany brings these delicious bottles straight to your door in Prague.


Bringing czech wines to France

But our mission doesn’t stop there. We also have a deep appreciation for the wonderful wines made right here in the Czech Republic, and we want to share them with like-minded people in France. We believe in the spirit of collaboration and exchange, and we’re eager to help Czech producers find a good home on the shelves of Parisian natural wine shops or in the cellars of our winemakers.

Join us on our exploratory journey and let’s build a community of natural wine lovers here in Prague together!


Who is behind?


Meet Dany, French, grew up in Cahors, a charming wine region in the South-Western France known for its legendary Black Wine. He has spent the last 20 years working in the wine industry, starting at the age of 16 by picking grapes. Dany has worked in various top restaurants in different regions of France, learning more about their cultures, gastronomy, and wines. This unique experience has taught him the importance of ‘Terroir’, or the unique characteristics of a wine region that shape the taste and quality of the wine.

In 2011, Dany moved to London, where he spent 10 years of his life and specialized in small independent producers who use minimal intervention and produce their wine with love and care. He worked and learned in some of the most renowned natural wine places and established one of the best natural wine bars in town. Dany’s journey in London concluded by being a sales manager for an independent importer.

Now based in Prague, Dany regularly visits winemakers and continues to learn and expand his passion and philosophy of wine. He is excited to share his knowledge and experiences with you, and to introduce you to the delicious and sustainable wines made by our small selection of talented, under-the-radar French winemakers.