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Celine et Laurent TripozCéline & Laurent Tripoz
Loché, Burgundy


Céline and Laurent’s love for the land and vineyards runs deep, despite not coming from a winemaking family. They built their estate from the ground up, piece by piece. In 1987, Laurent took the bold step of planting vineyards, and when their first harvest arrived, they chose to personally vinify their production without the involvement of cooperatives – a decision that set them apart from their peers in the 90s. Today, they tend to 14 hectares of vines, with Chardonnay comprising 75% of their plantings – the perfect grape variety for their clay-limestone soils. They also cultivate Pinot Noir, Aligoté, and Gamay, and produce a stunning array of 11 different cuvées. Their Pouilly-Loché 1st Reserve and Bourgogne Rouge ‘Chant de la Tour are highly recognized, as is their amazing Crémant de Bourgogne. But Céline and Laurent are also passionate about making their wines accessible to everyone, and have created entry-level products with the same standards and honesty as their top-tier offerings: Bourgogne Aligoté and Mâcon Rouge ‘Les Graves’. Their dedication to meticulous work and the connection between the land, the vines, and the people is evident in every bottle. Since 2001, they have been practicing biodynamic cultivation, a reflection of their deep respect for the land and the environment.

Clocher de Locher

Loché, a small village in the south of Burgundy, deserves the attention of the visitor. Its narrow streets and its 12th century church make it a picturesque and pleasant town. The vine is omnipresent there and is part of its history. Its clay-limestone soils exposed to the east have all the conditions required for the development of great wines.
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