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Morgane et Jerome
Morgane Stoquert & Jérôme François
Ostheim, Alsace


Jérôme’s love for winemaking began during his childhood when he would assist his grandfather Charles, a passionate wine researcher. However, he initially pursued a different path and trained as a cabinetmaker. It wasn’t until 2014, in his early twenties, that Jérôme decided to take over Charles’ half hectare of vines, which consisted of more than 15 different grape varietals that were previously used for research and personal wine consumption.

Driven by strong environmental values, Jérôme practices little interventionist viticulture based on biodynamic principles in his vineyard. His partner Morgane, who shares the same passion and determination, trained in using draft horses to plough the rows alongside Sirus and Fastoche, their trusty draft horses. In addition, they have introduced sheep into the vineyard to help keep the grass short and produce natural fertilizers to nourish the soil.

Their unwavering commitment to respecting nature, people, animals, and the workings of time led them to follow biodynamic principles, enabling them to craft terroir wines rather than varietal wines. In 2021, due to the difficulties they faced with the AOP, they made the decision to declassify their wines to “Vin de France.”

Jérôme and Morgane are young winemakers who have already made a name for themselves worldwide. Their wines demonstrate great expertise and reflect their deep passion for winemaking and commitment to producing exceptional wines that respect the environment.