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Vivien, Philippe, Baptiste et Nicolas

Vivien, Baptiste, Nicolas & Philippe

Azay-le-Rideau, Touraine, Loire, France


Les Tètes is a collaborative wine project founded by four friends, Nicolas, Philippe, Baptiste, and Vivien, who aim to offer and vinify wines they love. They produce four different wines: Tète Red, Tète Blanche, Tète Rose, and Tète Orange, as well as a sparkling wine named ‘Tète aux Bois Dormant’. The only exception to their simple naming convention is the sparkling wine, which is named after the vineyards near the famous Château Rigny Ussé, from Charles Perrault’s classic fairy tale ‘’The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods’.

Despite the simple names, the winemaking process is complex and involves careful work on the soil, monitoring of the grapes’ growth, and natural vinification. All the wines are made in Panzoult at Nicolas’s winery, known for his Chinon wines. The friends have a playful approach to winemaking, and they strive to make every possible type of wine, with unusual assemblages sourced from all over the country. Their approach to winemaking results in wines that are complex and enjoyable, providing a lot of pleasure.