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In 2008, Philippe Mesnier in collaboration with a his friend and well-known Chinon producer, Nicolas Grosbois, purchased 12 hectares of vines in Azay-le-Rideau. An excellent though relatively unknown appellation located a few kilometers east of Chinon. Azay-le-Rideau is the birthplace of Grolleau. A grape who grows perfectly on the limestone, clay terroir but the reason why the Grolleau shows its maximum potential is due to the flint present in the soils. This great flint-heavy terroir also helps Philippe to produce the two top Chenin’s cuvées of the domaine: Le Clos des Brancs and Blanc Chenin. The wines of Domaine des Hauts Baigneux are all produced with natural yeasts and are vinified with minimal intervention. Due to the frost, Philippe had many large loses in the past decade, with a couple of years at 100% but most of them between 40 and 60%. So no much wines available. We will hopefully be listing more cuvees with the bottling of 2019, 2020 and 2021. Phil;ippe and Nicolas, therefore decided to create a ‘Negoce’ project called ‘Les Tetes’ in 2013 and we are working with it (see next page)

Philippe & NicolasPhilippe Mesnier & Nicolas Grobois
Azay-le-Rideau, Loire


In 2008, Philippe Mesnier and Nicolas Grosbois, both winemakers and friends, embarked on a new venture, purchasing 12 hectares of vines in the relatively unknown Azay-le-Rideau appellation. The two winemakers were drawn to the area’s unique terroir, which features a combination of limestone and clay soils with flint, making it particularly suitable for growing the Grolleau and Chenin grape varietals.

Philippe’s expertise lies in producing two top cuvées of Chenin, ‘Clos des Brancs’ and ‘Blanc Chenin,’ both of which are made with natural yeasts and minimal intervention. His philosophy revolves around preserving the natural expression of the grapes and terroir with minimal intervention, resulting in wines that are authentic and full of character.

Despite their passion and dedication, the vineyard has faced significant challenges in recent years due to frost, resulting in limited wine availability. In response to this, Philippe and Nicolas established a negoce project called ‘Les Tètes’ in 2013, which VINS PURS is also involved with. Through this project, the duo collaborates with other winemakers in the Loire Valley, working together to produce wines that reflect the region’s unique terroir and showcase the diversity of its grape varietals.

Despite the challenges they have faced, Philippe and Nicolas remain committed to their craft, constantly pushing the boundaries and exploring new ways to showcase the natural beauty of the Loire Valley’s terroir. Their dedication and passion for winemaking have helped put Azay-le-Rideau on the map, establishing it as a must-visit destination for wine lovers looking for something truly special.