Domaine des Hauts-Baigneux

Touraine ‘So Franc’ 2022


So Franc is a single vineyard cuvée sourced from old vines, aged 65 years, situated on clay and flint slopes in Cheillé-Vallère.
Winemaking process involves destemming and a 5-day maceration period with gentle extraction, aiming to highlight the finesse and elegance of the wine’s tannins.
The wine is then aged in stainless steel tanks to preserve its characteristic freshness.

So Franc 2022 is a fruity and light red wine, boasting remarkable freshness and remarkable drinkability.

Glouglou wine means MAGNUM

Types: Sizes: Grapes: , Terroirs: , , ABV: 12%

‘The minerality and freshness expressed in our wines reflect the typicality of the flinty clay soils of our beautiful Indre valley.’

Philippe & Nicolas