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Valerie Courreges

Valérie Courrèges
Cahors, South West France

Valérie is a passionate and detail-oriented oenologist with extensive experience in the fields. She strongly believes that the quality of the wine is determined by the quality of the grapes, which in turn is influenced by the cultivation, maintenance, and harvesting practices employed in the vineyard. In late 2018, she was presented with a unique opportunity to acquire a vineyard in the terroirs of Cahors and Coteaux du Quercy with high qualitative potential, which she described as a “sleeping beauty.”

Valérie’s dynamic and perfectionist approach to winemaking was immediately evident in her management of the vineyard. She implemented a comprehensive policy that prioritizes quality at every stage of development, from the cultivation of the vines to the bottling of the wines. One of her first decisions was to convert the vineyards to organic and biodynamic practices, which she believes is essential for producing high-quality grapes that fully express the unique terroir of the region.

To preserve the integrity of the grape varietals, Valérie vinifies each plot separately. She avoids any harsh treatments that could compromise the quality of the grapes, instead relying on gentle and natural methods to coax out the best flavours and aromas. The wines are then aged in concrete tanks and clay jars, providing an ideal environment for the maturation process.

By employing meticulous techniques and attention to detail at every stage of the winemaking process, Valérie has been able to produce wines of exceptional finesse and complexity that fully reflect the unique terroir of the Cahors and Coteaux du Quercy regions. Her commitment to quality, sustainability, and tradition is evident in every bottle of wine she produces.