Clos Terre Kermès

Magnum Cahors ‘Ocrement-Dit’ 2019


An unexpected juicy Malbec from Cahors, better known as the black wine town in South-Western France
Here, we’ve got a structured but refreshing, ripe and fleshy wine.
Pitch-black fruit aromas with a hint of licorice
No oak involved in the winemaking process, the wine is aged in concrete tanks and clay pots. This helps it to keep the expression of the malbec and its terroir.

By Magnum! because how do you do when you are 2?

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Types: Sizes: Grapes: Terroirs: , ABV: 14.5%

‘I want freedom in my search of natural expression of our Terroirs. Even if this means no AOC!’

Valérie Courrèges