Clos Terre Kermès

Cahors ‘Clos Terre Kermès’ 2020

A masterpiece captured in a glass where deep black and radiant dark blue hues intertwine in a mesmerizing display.
This wine pays homage to its origin, a remarkable testament to a single vineyard nestled within the limestone plateau, adorned with the striking reddish ferrous clay.
These vineyards, cradled by an ancient oak grove, nurture the winery’s oldest and most revered vines.

Immerse yourself in its aromatic symphony, where captivating scents emerge, weaving a tale of sensory delight. Complexity and depth define this wine, yet it gracefully defies the notion of overpowering concentration. Instead, it showcases finesse and maintains a vibrant freshness that enlivens the palate.

It stands as an anachronism, a captivating departure from traditional norms, offering an exquisite deviation that unveils the true pleasure of drinking from the very first sip.

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‘I want freedom in my search of natural expression of our Terroirs. Even if this means no AOC!’

Valérie Courrèges