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domaine des ardoisieres vineyard

Brice OrmontBrice Ormont
Fréterive, Savoie


Domaine des Ardoisières is a small but exceptional winery located in the heart of the French Alps, in the Savoie region.
Savoie, the alpine wonder, nestled in the mountainous embrace just south of Lac Léman and the Swiss border.

The winery was founded in 1998 by Michel Grisard (the visionary winemaker behind Prieuré St-Christoph), who was driven by a passion for winemaking and a desire to revive the ancient vineyards of the region.
Since 2005, the estate is now run by Brice Ormont and his team, who are dedicated to producing wines that are authentic and true to their origins.

The vineyards are located on steep slopes at an altitude of up to 500 meters, which provides excellent exposure to the sun and cool mountain breezes. The soils are composed of slate, quartz, and limestone, which impart a distinct minerality to the wines.

The estate follows biodynamic principles, this allows Brice to cultivate the vines in harmony with nature, and to produce wines that are truly unique and expressive.
Brice is focused on minimal intervention, with a goal of allowing the natural character of the grapes and the terroir to shine through in the final product. The wines are fermented with wild yeasts and aged in large oak barrels, which impart a subtle complexity and depth to the wines.

We are so thrilled to offer the wines of Domaine des Ardoisières, highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs alike, and are considered among the best examples of natural wine produced in the Savoie region.