Champagne Olivier Horiot

Rosé des Riceys ‘En Barmont’ 2017


A still Champagne with a Burgundian soul.
The AOC Rosé des Riceys is part of the 3 appellations wihtin the Champagne region. It’s little known even in France itself, although it is one of the best and longest-lived (still) rosé one.
Marie and Olivier only make still Pinot Noir when the grapes reach sufficient ripeness.
After the vinification, the wine ages in barrels for 2 years and they hold it an extra 2 years in the bottle before releasing it – ready to drink (it could easily aged for a few extra year too)
At first the wine will welcome you with an amazing tension and red berries, followed a by soft, supple and delicate body.

That is quite something!

Types: , Sizes: Grapes: Terroirs: , ABV: 12%

How do you feel about the term ‘natural wine’?
”I do in fact work without chemicals in the vines, use native yeast and very little sulfur, and I do so biodynamically since 2002. So I guess that lumps me in, but for me this is just making wine.”

Olivier Horiot